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A shaving horse is a work bench that you sit on, which also held whatever piece of wood you are working on in place. The user would sit down across from the piece of wood, then push the foot pedal to move the dumbhead down. The shaving horse outside…


A man works to secure siding on the second story of the reconstructed Vance house. The original fireplace and frame of the single story section of the house are present to the right.

A scorp is a wood shaping tool. It is used to create a curved shape to wood. A smaller scorp, such as the one pictured, would be used on smaller pieces of wood to create items such as bowls. The tool user would hold the wooden handles and draw the…


This is an example of a style of cabin architecture known as saddlebag. It is characterized by a fireplace in the center of the structure, with rooms on either side of it.

The frame for the roof of the single-story side of the reconstructed Vance family home is in the process of being put into place. On the other side of the cabin, the second story has been completed, and is await its roof as well.

This wooden rake, or pitchfork would have been used to move hay, straw, and wheat—raking actions as well as scooping and lifting. The tool could relieve some of the labor of harvest.


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Workers push a log up into place on the side of the reconstructed Vance house. More logs for siding are present in the foreground of the image. The original fireplace and the frame for the single story side of the reconstructed house are to the left…

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Workers pull logs up to the second story of the reconstructed Vance house using rope and diagonal logs placed against the structure. The original fireplace is visible to the left.

Men guide a crane which is lifting a sawed log onto a flatbed truck. The logs will then be transported to the site where they will be used in the reconstruction of the Vance house.

A local company prepares to pour cement into what will be the foundation of the reconstructed Vance house. The original fireplace is pictured to the right.
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