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A planer was used to uniformly shave wood. The flat side is for shaving wood, and the user would set the blade for the preferred depth. The planer pictured is a more basic example, but the tool house also includes fancier molding and…


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This photo was taken c. 1900s and is the oldest known photograph of the Vance house. The home is in a considerable state of disrepair at this point and has gone through significant changes over the years.

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The old home c. 1950s which shows additions built on to the house over time and state of the house at the start of the reconstruction project.

A worker replaces the first inch of the old mortar mixture, which held the original fireplace together, with a cement mortar. This was believed to strengthen the historic structure.

Nails were used to create smaller joints and were frequently reused. This nail was not round like most nails we see today, rather it has four sides which were created by hammering the iron into shape. This is a brad nail which would have been used…


This tool would have been used to scoop grain out of a barrel for livestock. There are two holes in the wood which provide a means of holding the tool, the smallest for the thumb, and the largest for the rest of the fingers. A groove is visible…


Two men walk on what will be the floor of the second story of the reconstructed Vance family home. It appears that they are preparing the siding for the second story.

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The original fireplace stands alone after the old Vance house had been deconstructed. Men stand to the right of the fireplace, which provides a kind of scale.

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Three men stand in front of a log. The man on the left uses a double-bitted axe. The man in the center uses a broad axe. L-R: Roe Mann (of Enka section), Montford Mease (of Enka section), Pail Scoggins (of Brevard Road)

Two men work to reinforce the original fireplace. A hole is visible where the a stove flue was probably inserted at some point. The hole would later be filled back in with new brick. L-R: Gregg Sawyer (contractor of Black Mountain, NC), George…
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