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The man on the left is using a broad axe to shape a log. The man on the right is using a draw knife to shape a log. The logs were shaped before they were put together on site to form the reconstructed Vance house.

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A worker shapes a log using a broad axe to prepare it for use in the reconstructed Vance house.

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A worker uses an adze to shape a log which will become part of the reconstructed Vance house.

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Three men stand in front of a log. The man on the left uses a double-bitted axe. The man in the center uses a broad axe. L-R: Roe Mann (of Enka section), Montford Mease (of Enka section), Pail Scoggins (of Brevard Road)

Three men work on different aspects of the reconstructed Vance house. All three men appear to be sawing or hewing wood.

Four men work on the first story of the reconstructed Vance house. The two men to the right appear to be sawing logs, and the men to the center-left appear to be placing those logs. The original fireplace is visible to the left.

A hand saw is a multi-use wood shaping tool. It was used on smaller logs for making items such as wooden furniture, rather than larger logs (used to make cabins for example). The saw is not missing a piece at the bottom—that is actually a single…


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A froe is a wood splitting tool. It is used to make shingles. The tool's user would place the blade into a log and hit the opposite metal end with a mallet-type item to create a shingle. Because the shingles were made by hand in this way, the size of…


A scorp is a wood shaping tool. It is used to create a curved shape to wood. A smaller scorp, such as the one pictured, would be used on smaller pieces of wood to create items such as bowls. The tool user would hold the wooden handles and draw the…


A brick mold was used to shape natural resources into bricks. The tool's user would gather mud and/or clay, as well as possibly hog or horse hair (which acts as a binding agent), and have placed them into the wooden mold. Then the mold would have…


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