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A man treats shingles which will be attached to the roof of the reconstructed Vance family home. The shingles were machine cut and then treated with the same chemicals as the log siding.

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Three men stand in front of a log. The man on the left uses a double-bitted axe. The man in the center uses a broad axe. L-R: Roe Mann (of Enka section), Montford Mease (of Enka section), Pail Scoggins (of Brevard Road)

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A worker uses an adze to shape a log which will become part of the reconstructed Vance house.

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A worker shapes a log using a broad axe to prepare it for use in the reconstructed Vance house.

Men guide a crane which is lifting a sawed log onto a flatbed truck. The logs will then be transported to the site where they will be used in the reconstruction of the Vance house.

Three men work on site to treat the logs which would be used for the reconstructed Vance house. The logs were treated with weather-proofing chemicals that added longevity.

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The man on the left is using a broad axe to shape a log. The man on the right is using a draw knife to shape a log. The logs were shaped before they were put together on site to form the reconstructed Vance house.
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