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Image in the Asheville Citizen-Times (1958) accompanying an article describing the process of dismantling the former structure prior to the reconstruction of the Vance family home. The article notes William W. Dodge of Six Associates as the architect…

This photograph was taken to document the vandalism on the side of the Vance house, which occurred December 8, 2017. The spray paint reads "Black Lives Matter."

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To the left, workers attach shingles to the roof frame of the first story side of the reconstructed Vance house. To the right, workers construct door and window frames.

A bear trap was used to wound bears (in this region specifically, the American Black Bear). The trap would be set with the metal clamps open. The bear would step on the metal plate beneath it, which would trigger the closure of the clamps around the…


A brick mold was used to shape natural resources into bricks. The tool's user would gather mud and/or clay, as well as possibly hog or horse hair (which acts as a binding agent), and have placed them into the wooden mold. Then the mold would have…


A broad axe is a wood shaping tool. One would use it to get a log flat or square a log off. One side of the axe head is beveled, and the other side is flat (shown). The wooden handle curves away from the flat side to give the tool user's hands room…

A cow bell is attached to livestock so that their owners can locate them. Livestock was often free-range and the only fenced areas were the spaces that you wanted to keep livestock out of. So, if your animal wandered off, you could keep track of…


Two workers daub between logs of the reconstructed Vance family home. The two story section of the house to the left has been daubed already.

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Two men daub the back of the single story side of the reconstructed Vance house.

Two men daub the front of the single story side of the reconstructed Vance family home.
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