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A worker uses an adze to shape a log which will become part of the reconstructed Vance house.

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A worker shapes a log using a broad axe to prepare it for use in the reconstructed Vance house.

Three men work on different aspects of the reconstructed Vance house. All three men appear to be sawing or hewing wood.

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The man on the left is using a broad axe to shape a log. The man on the right is using a draw knife to shape a log. The logs were shaped before they were put together on site to form the reconstructed Vance house.

A traveler was used as a measuring device. The user would hold the handle and roll the wheel along a distance to either measure a distance or replicate a distance or circumference (such as a wagon wheel) by counting the revolutions of a notch on the…


Three men work on site to treat the logs which would be used for the reconstructed Vance house. The logs were treated with weather-proofing chemicals that added longevity.

The staircase in the reconstructed Vance family home, which was donated from the Hemphill house across the street from the current historic site.

A spokeshave is used like a smaller drawknife with two wooden handles used to pull a small blade toward yourself. It is used to shape smaller pieces of wood and/or to create fine shapes. It is often used to create curves, such as spokes on a wheel,…


Detail of the paneling in the sitting room of the reconstructed Vance family home. The paneling is from the former structure but it is unknown when the paneling was installed.

A sickle has a wooden handle and a curved metal blade. It is used to cut a bunch of stalks or stems (such as grass or crops), either to harvest or trim.


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